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Russkiy Mir Foundation intends to promote Russian language and culture in Japan

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Russkiy Mir Foundation intends to promote Russian language and culture in Japan


The Executive Director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Vladimir Kochin held a meeting with Russian Ambassador to Japan Mikhail Galuzin, the representative of Rossotrudnichestvo in Japan Konstantin Vinogradov and the head of Russkiy Mir Russian Centers management Nikolai Sergeychev on November 10. 

The participants discussed the activities of the Russkiy Mir Foundation in Japan. Galuzin was confident that the visit of the Russkiy Mir’s delegation would enhance the development of Russian language study programs in Japanese educational institutions.

Kochin noted that participants from Japan became more active over the past year and took part in a few events of the foundation. For example, the head of the Russian Center in Soka University, Stella Sivakova, who was also present at the meeting, came to Bulgaria with one of her students to participate in Friends, Our Union Is Beautiful! Festival, created for people who learn the Russian language. 

The Foundation expected more grant applications from Japanese students, Kochin noted. According to him, cultural projects, the vocal art in particular, were particularly important for work in Japan. Galuzin offered to determine the most interesting and perspective lines of work. He agreed that one of the ways to interest the Japanese students in leaning Russian was through the culture. The diplomate proposed the Russkiy Mir Foudation to participate in sending popular Russian cultural public figures and experts to perform in Japan. According to him, this kind of events would spark interest among Japanese people who were keenly interested in the current state of Russian culture and the Russian view on world problems.

Kochin also held talks with a representative of the Japan-Russia Society Fukui, who expressed interest in collaboration in the field of painting and art of the Russian romance. The parties agreed to continue negotiations and decided to sign a cooperation agreement in the future.

Russkiy Mir reported the delegation of the Foundation arrived in Japan and visited the Russian Centre in Tokyo University of Soka on December 8. 

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