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Lebanon apprises Russia for Middle East cultural heritage preservation

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Lebanon apprises Russia for Middle East cultural heritage preservation


Photo: © Rossotrudnichestvo office in Lebanon

Beirut has carried out a round table on the preservation of cultural and historical heritage in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and other Middle East countries. Russian and Arab experts discussed measures to preserve the unique Eastern culture suffering from military conflicts and to put the international community’s attention to this problem, RIA Novosti reports.

Some political scientists and experts in the field of strategic research discussed protection of cultural heritage during the round table, the important role of Russia in preserving the monuments of history and culture of the Middle East. The participants  covered specific actions of Russia in this area that have proven their effectiveness and benefits.

According to head the Rossotrudnichestvo office in Lebanon Vadim Zaichikov, the meeting aimed at exchange of views. He adds that the meetings on this agenda is not the last one - in 2019 the project will be conducted in Syria, Jordan and other states.

Dmitry Yegorchenkov, director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Predictions of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN), said that the experts agreed to act without delay and speak openly about threats to the monuments of the Middle East. They hope that this will attract the authorities’ attention.

Photo: © Rossotrudnichestvo office in Lebanon / Syria - between Peace and War photo exhibition

Besides the round table there were exhibitions of Russian military photographers showing the detrimental impact of military conflicts on monuments of world cultural heritage. The display included photographs taken in Palmyra and other parts of Syria.

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