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Turgenev's 200th birth anniversary marked around the world

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Turgenev's 200th birth anniversary marked around the world


Portrait of Turgenev by Ilya Repin, 1874

The great Russian writer Ivan Turgenev's 200th anniversary is celebrated around the world, according to the Kultura TV channel. 

With the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation, the Russian European project was dedicated to the great Russian writer and his work. An integral part of the project was a video shot with the participation of the foundation and demonstrated over the past months in many countries.

During the year the Turgenev's anniversary is actively celebrated by Russian cultural and educational organizations abroad, among them the Russian centers established by the Russkiy Mir Foundation in more than a hundred countries of the world.

The Turgenev Autumn festival was organized in Munich by the MIR society with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation. In Baden-Baden, where the writer created the Smoke novel, a “Literary Salon” was held on Russia and Europe in the works by Turgenev. Earlier, last winter, the Ivan Turgenev. Russian European exhibition was opened in Madrid. At the beginning of November in Minsk, there took part a pedagogical tour named Creativity of Turgenev in literature classes at educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus.

Residents of many European countries saw a traveling exhibition about Turgenev and his work. It worked at the UNESCO headquarters.

The main celebrations are held in the Oryol region, Turgenev's birthplace. In particular, a large renewed exhibition is planned in the estate of the writer's mother, Spasskoye-Lutovinovo. The school holds open lessons on the work of the Russian literature classic. In the region, there are many places associated with the name of the writer. In addition to his estate, the city has a Home of the Gentry park. The house of Liza Kalitina, which became the prototype of one of the legendary “Turgenev girls” (woman character in Turgenev's works), is also located there. Unfortunately, it has almost decayed.

The town  of Orel opened several monuments to the author of Fathers and Sons, Asya, A Sportsman's Sketches etc.

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated compatriots on Tergenev's jubilee. In his opinion, the work by Turgenev greatly influenced many generations of the country population. The head of state noted that the books of Turgenev are overwhelmed by true love for Russia, concerns for the country development.

Works of Turgenev are still popular, Vladimir Putin adds. He notes that the celebration of the anniversary will help to develop a younger generation's interest in literature, pride in our richest historical and cultural heritage.

According to Russkiy Mir, an arts festival was opened for the 200th anniversary of Ivan Turgenev in the Royal Palace of Genoa. In Canada the anniversary was marked with a Russian-style ball.

The French authorities conducted a national lottery, the funds from which will be directed to the restoration of historical monuments including the restoration of famous opera singer Pauline Viardot estate where the Museum of Turgenev is located. In September, French President Emmanuel Macron visited it.

Turgenev bought the estate for the singer in Bougival. He lived in this French city from 1873 until his death. Here he built a small French house – the Yaseny cottage. It subsequently became the Turgenev Museum.

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