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Mariinsky Theater participates in Ballet Art Festival in New York

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Mariinsky Theater participates in Ballet Art Festival in New York


The Mariinsky Theater has taken part in Balanchine Festival of Ballet Art which starts on October 31 in New York, TASS reports.

Russian artists will perform on the stage of the New York City Center today, the theater informs. The Mariinsky Theater will play Pas de deux by Tchaikovsky for two times within the festival.

A one-act Apollo ballet will be acted on November 1 and 3.

Leading soloists represent the Mariinsky ballet in the United States: Viktoria Tereshkina, Kimin Kim, Xander Parish. In addition, beginner ballerinas will also dance there.

Together with the Mariinsky soloists, the seven most famous ballet companies of the world participate in the Balanchine festival: London Covent Garden, the Paris Opera etc. The organizers call it an unprecedented event. The festival includes a documentary exhibition about the Balanchine art and the history of world ballet.

George Balanchine, whose real name is Georgiy Balanchivadze, was born in Saint Petersburg. There he graduated from ballet and musical schools. He is considered the founder of the ballet in the United States. In addition, he established a modern neoclassical ballet.

According to Russkiy Mir, the Mariinsky Theater Symphony Orchestra under the baton of maestro Gergiev is in the USA with the tour now.

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