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Russian European Ivan Turgenev

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Russian European Ivan Turgenev


Russian European Ivan Turgenev exhibition in Russian Center of Science and Culture in Paris has become the bright event in the list of 200th writer's anniversary celebrations in Europe. Rare books from State Pushkin museum and from the Center's library, website of Coordinating Council of Russian Compatriots in Kazakhstan reported. 

The moving exposition tours European countries during the whole of 2018. As of now it was held with success in Madrid, Budapest, and Bratislava. The curators had a goal to show Turgenev as a link between Russian and European cultures. During his life Turgenev did a lot to make East and west understand each other better.

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The Golden Ring of the Bosporan Kingdom tourist project, which brings together the most interesting monuments and artifacts of antiquity from ten cities in four regions of Russia, holds its first summer season. Hundreds of Russians and foreigners took part in it and discovered ancient Russia. Travel agencies participating in the project opened the bus and sea tours of the "Bosporan" cities lasting from three days to a week.
Municipal Educational Council in San Francisco has taken a decision to paint over the murals on the walls of the local George Washington High School. According to the Russian Community Council of the USA (KSORS), it was recommended by the Reflection and Action Group designated by San Francisco municipal School District. What is so remarkable about these paintings and why is the situation so interesting for the Russkiy Mir? Actually, the thirteen panels of The Life of George Washington mural were painted in 1935-1936 by Viktor Arnautoff, a Russian émigré artist.