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ROC publishes 17th century docs on reunification with Kiev Metropolis

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ROC publishes 17th century docs on reunification with Kiev Metropolis


Historical materials relating to the 17th century reunification of the Kyiv Metropolis with the Moscow Patriarchate began to be uploaded on the Internet.

Everyone can see them on the site of the Orthodox Encyclopedia church-scientific center, TASS reports. Now there are about 100 available documents.

The creators of the electronic library are convinced that it will help to clarify the situation that is currently developing around the Orthodox Church in Ukraine.

Photo: The charter of the Tsars Ivan and Peter II to Hetman Ivan Samoylovych. 1685 / Orthodox Encyclopedia church-scientific center

The center claims that numerous unreliable materials have appeared on the Internet. They do not directly correspond to the historical reality. Therefore, documents related to this topic were made public. Some of them have already been published, and others will be presented for the first time. Some are originals, the others are presented in modern Russian graphics.

The materials cover even earlier events connected with the historical prerequisites of this reunion. The publication of the materials will not be finished earlier than the beginning of the next year.

The electronic library will be updated and supplemented, provided with comments and explanations.

As Russkiy Mir reported, Ukraine began the preparation for the "local independent church" creation. The Russian Orthodox Church maintains that the actions of the Constantinople Patriarchate are caused by the desire for the historical revenge as well as the desire to establish a new center of world Orthodoxy.

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