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Patriarch Kirill to visit Romania and Moldova

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Patriarch Kirill to visit Romania and Moldova


Visit of the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church to Romania would be beneficial to the Orthodox collaboration, Patriarch of All Romania believes. In his words, the relations between the two churches started several centuries ago and kept on broadening and strengthening over this time, TASS reports. A visit of Patriarch Kirill to the capital of Romania is to prove the unity of the Orthodox community. It would become a certain signal that the Russian and Romanian churches continue cooperation and both parties aim at acting in tandem for the good of the Orthodox Christians in Russia and Romania.

The Head of the Russian Orthodox Church joint the solemn service dedicated to the Commemoration Day of Bucharest Saint Protector Dimitrius Basarbovski. He will also become a participant of the events dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Patriarch Daniil’s enthronement.

Patriarch Kirill is going to visit Romania at the end of October. Besides, he plans a visit to Kishinev in September. As the Moldovan President Igor Dodon has explained, he offered to Patriarch Kirill to visit Beltsy and the capital of Gagauzia, the city of Komrat. He is also expected at the World Family Congress to be held in Moldovan capital in the middle of September with participation of more than 2000 people including the politicians, social figures from 50 countries.

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