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The 1030th anniversary of Rus’ Christianization celebrated in Peć

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The 1030th anniversary of Rus’ Christianization celebrated in Peć


A book exhibition dedicated to the 1030th anniversary of Rus’ Christianization was opened in the Russian center of Peć University. The exhibition demonstrates books from the library of the center, department of the Slavic Philology and Central University Library. Visitors are welcome to get acquainted with books on Russian icon-painting traditions, Russian cathedrals, church arts, history of Orthodoxy and pilgrimage destinations in Russia, etc.

Tourists from the city of Zalaegerszeg located 200 km away from Peć attended the exhibition at the first day. The center employees shared the story of Rus’ Christianization and Orthodoxy, they presented books dedicated to the Russian icon-painting traditions. The family talked on their relation towards the Russian language and why their son started to study the Russian language and passed the exam for B2 level. Guests were presented with magazines Russkiy which they gratefully accepted and promised to pass several copies to the teacher of the Russian language of the gymnasium which is constantly taking part in the training courses for teachers of the Russian language organized by the Russian center.

Visitors of different generations come to the exhibition every day. They are looking through the books with great interest getting to know the information about the center and the activities of the Russkiy Mir Foundation. Many guests do not speak Russian, but they are attracted by the books about Russian icon-painting traditions and about the most famous churches in Russia.

The book exhibition will work for a week, then the Russian center will prepare for celebrating the 7th anniversary of the center opening.

Valentina Vegvari, Pec

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