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Vladimir Kochin takes part in Rosstrudnichestvo foreign delegates’ meeting

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Vladimir Kochin takes part in Rosstrudnichestvo foreign delegates’ meeting


A meeting of foreign delegates of Rossotrudnichestvo Federal Agency was held on July 23 – 24 in Moscow. The Executive Director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Vladimir Kochin gave a speech at the special section titled Support of Representatives of Partner Organizations on Questions of Development and Popularization of International Projects.

The non-governmental non-commercial organization Russkiy Mir Foundation set up in accordance with the Presidential degree in 2007, alike the state institution of Rossotrudnichestvo, does not have any affiliates abroad, Vladimir Kochin informed. Nevertheless, the Foundation is successfully coping with its objectives stipulated in its Charter, i.e. popularization of the Russian language and Russian literature abroad and doubling efforts of the partners in this direction, such as foreign universities and various cultural centers.

Rossotrudnichestvo and the Russkiy Mir Foundation activity coordination, provided all the set objectives on reinforcement of the Russkiy Mir positions abroad are fulfilled, doubtlessly, can bear fruit, the Executive Director of the Foundation stated. The management of both organizations has recently signed a cooperation agreement having this in mind.

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