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El Salvadors Ambassador to Moscow Efren Arnoldo Bernal pays visit to Russkiy Mir Foundation

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El Salvadors Ambassador to Moscow Efren Arnoldo Bernal pays visit to Russkiy Mir Foundation


On July 11, the Russkiy Mir Foundation Executive Director Vladimir Kochin met Efren Arnoldo Bernal recently appointed as Republic of El Salvador’s Ambassador to Moscow at the Russkiy Mir Foundation office.

El Salvadors Ambassador expressed gratitude for keeping traditions of friendship and wished to develop different directions of the mutual work including the twin-city programs. He gave an example of firm humanitarian ties between Gzhel and Panchimalco authorities.

Efren Arnoldo Bernal showed interest in setting up the Center of Friendship between our countries in the Republic, which would facilitate development of the humanitarian contacts and studying the Russian language and reinforce economic relations between El Salvador and Russia.

Russia and El Salvador have been actively cooperating in the humanitarian field for several years already. A good example of such cooperation is assistance in paying flight expenses of students from El Salvador who are currently studying in Russia.

In his turn, Vladimir Kochin has emphasized that the development of relations must be on a mutual basis without any doubts and, in his turn, he promised comprehensive support of initiatives by San Salvador University and Graduates Association of Russian and Soviet Universities in carrying out projects directed at studying the Russian language and Russian culture in the countries of Central America.

Executive Director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation has noted that El Salvador has been leading among other countries of the region in terms of a number of students directed to the Russian universities. He thanked guests for personal involvement into reinforcement of the bilateral relations and invited them to take part in the projects of the Foundation.

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