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Great Patriotic War started 77 years ago

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Great Patriotic War started 77 years ago


The memorial campaigns dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War’s beginning are held all over Russia and beyond today on June 22. Many people lit Candles of Memory in their homes to commemorate the fallen soldiers and the Memorial shifts were arranged by the monuments to the perished warriors, TASS informs.

Hundreds of thousands of Russians joint the campaign the Candle of Memory by the monuments to the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the victory over the Fascism. 1418 candles were lit in Moscow and Crimea, their number symbolizing horrible days of the past war. The main Candle of Memory is to be lit at the Museum of Victory at midday on the Poklonnaya Hill.

Check of the Fallen campaign to be held with support of Russian military patriotic society, when volunteers will read out names of the heroes who died fighting in the World War 2 and whose graves have been recently found in the course of the search activities thanks to declassification of some archived documents. There are 18 000 names of soldiers and officers who were considered to be missing on the list overall, according to participants of the search activities. The names of the heroes who found rest in more than 70 years will be announced in their native cities and villages.

Annual campaign has started traditionally at 3 a.m., and at 4 a.m. the voice of Levitan announced the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

The discovered remains of heroes found by the search troops on the battle fields over the past year will be reburied at Day of Memory and Sorrow. The places of reburial ceremonies are the Republic of Komi, Vologda, Stavropol, Novgorod and Voronezh Regions.

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