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First Russian Center opens in Cyprus

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First Russian Center opens in Cyprus


Russian Center opened at the Russian House in Limassol, Cyprus, on June 21.

Director of the Russian House in Cyprus Roman Vavilov thanked the Russkiy Mir Foundation for preparation in opening the center and talked about current activities of the Russian House as well as plans on development of the Russian Center.

Deputy Executive Director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Sergei Shurygin
 congratulated guests on inauguration of the first Russian Center in Cyprus on behalf of the Foundation management board: "There is a vast Russian-speaking community in Cyprus counting dozens of thousands people. The Russian-language newspapers and magazines circulate on the Island; TV channels in the Russian language work; there is an information website for the Russian-speaking audience of Cyprus. Thus, we can say that the Russian language and culture have lately strengthened their positions on the Island.”

Representative of the Russian Embassy in Cyprus E. Schkolyar and representative of Limassol branch of Society of Friendship Cyprus-Russia Andreas Prodromou made a speech in front of the audience. 

Russian Ambassador to Cyprus Stanislav Osadchiy welcomed the Russkiy Mir Foundation delegation having positively evaluated the work of the Foundation of setting up the Russian Center.

A meeting with Mayor of Limassol Nikos Nikolaidis who expressed readiness to support initiatives of the Russian Center in Limassol having invited the Russkiy Mir Foundation representatives to take part in events dedicated to different aspects of Russian-Cyprus collaboration and conducted by the city administration and social organizations.

Soon after establishment of diplomatic relations between Republic of Cyprus and the Soviet Union, the Cyprus population initiated the Society of Friendship Cyprus-USSR in 1961, later in August 1964, the Soviet people initiated the Society of Friendship USSR-Cyprus.

The following organizations also operate in the country:
  • The Cyprus branch of the Imperial Palestine Society
  • Foundation of Archaeology, Culture and Spiritual Traditions named after Sarianidi
  • Regional Social Foundation of Support of Veterans and the Handicapped of Sports Prometheus.
  • International Association of Cyprus’ Friends
  • Society of Friendship and Cultural Relations with Greece an Cyprus FIFlYA

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