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Tolstoy Weekend: The Kreutzer Sonata and two The Boyhood plays to be staged in Yasnaya Polyana

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Tolstoy Weekend: The Kreutzer Sonata and two The Boyhood plays to be staged in Yasnaya Polyana


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More than 5000 guests are expected to attend Tolstoy Weekend International festival dedicated to legacy of the legendary Russian novelist. Theatre-goers will watch a fresh interpretation of Anna Karenina and Kholstomer. The staging by Yekaterinburg Theater opened the festival on June 9 and the movie about Tolstoy to be officially released at the beginning of September will close the festival at the Russia’s Day, RIA Novosti informs.
According to the festival program director Pavel Rudnev, participants will present theatre classical stagings as well as modern ways of communicating with audience – contemporary choreographic stagings, dolls’ miniature shows, story-telling genre, stage sketches and even audio walking performance. 

Audio walk with Natasha Rostova and Pierre Bezukhov will present the stage director Evgeny Malanichev. The staged trip around the epic novel The War and Peace is to last for 1,5 hours. Each guest will get a set of earphones to plunge into the inner world. At this, during the performance, people will not sit in the chairs – the performance will start at the central lane by the pond of the estate, later several stops will be made in order to see Yasnaya Polyana in new light. According to the authors of this intimate performance, this would give an opportunity to stay alone with the texts of Tolstoy and go through own unique, emotional and sensible experience.

Guests from Latvia will stage variants of the Kreutzer Sonata, two youth theatres – from Perm and Saratov, will demonstrate interpretations of Otrochestvo (The Boyhood), actors from Slovenia will recollect the story of Kholstomer. Overall, 20 performances will be staged over 4 festival days.

Apart from the theatre performances, spectators will watch movies, meet film and stage directors. In particular, at the last day of the festival weekend there will be a meeting in Yasnaya Polyana with the director of the movie the Story of one Appointment about an unknown episode of count Tolstoy’s biography . The official release of the movie will take place in September 2018.

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