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Ukrainians sent petition against autocephalous Church to Patriarch of Constantinople

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Ukrainians sent petition against autocephalous Church to Patriarch of Constantinople


50000 thousand people signed a petition against establishing autocephalous Ukrainian Church. The signed petition was passed to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople by believers from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate, who went on a pilgrimage to Turkey. Another portion of 10 000 signatures was delivered to Patriarch a month ago, TASS informs. 

In the course of the meeting with representatives of Patriarchate of Constantinople, the people asked to resolve this issue by abiding to the canonic law. 

Pilgrims hope that when the commission which is to deal with the autocephality’s case comes to Ukraine, its members will be able to talk to people.   

The members of congregations of the churches seized by the splitters of Kiev’s Patriarchate arrived at Constantinople. Besides, Patriarch Bartholomew got several dozens of petitions from the believers living in different Ukrainian regions. The documents describe what is going on in the church parishes of the country. Pictures and video messages proving rough infringements of the religious rights were attached to the petitions. 

Note that last month Petro Poroshenko requested Patriarch of Constantinople to establish autocephalous Ukrainian Church in the country. Russian Orthodox Church firmly believes that this Kiev’s attempt to establish autocephality at Ukraine like previous attempts would not be successful.

Patriarch Bartholomew has many times stated that the only canonic Head of the Orthodox Church at Ukraine is Metropolitan Onufry – the Head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate. 

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