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Orthodox Christians commemorate St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker today

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Orthodox Christians commemorate St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker today


The Orthodox believers around the world are marking St. Nicholas Day today. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia is going to serve the Divine Liturgy in the Ugresha Monastery today.

Nikolaos of Myra was born in the 4th century on the present territory of Turkey. He served as a priest in the city of Myra and became an archbishop later. The Church keeps many proofs of the miracles performed by the Saint.

He is referred to as Nicholas the Wonderworker in Russia being one of the most honored Saints. He is commemorated twice a year – on December 19 (Nicholas of Winter) and on May 22 (Nicholas of Spring).

Nicholas the Miracle-Worker is believed to protect all sailors. According to the legends, he saved several times sailors running into a gale. All travelers taking the road in Russia were praying to St. Nicholas as well.

After death, his body was secreting myrrh and pilgrims from many countries started to come and worship his grave.  A basilica was built on his burial site in the 6th century, which turned into St. Nicholas Church in the beginning of the 9th century. It still exists.

The Orthodox Christians mark the day when the St. Nicholas relics were moved from his native city to the city of Bari, Italy, on May 22. In 2017, the relics were brought to Russia for the first time in history. More than 2 million people worshiped the relics in these 67 days.

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