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Further development of Russian-Chinese relations discussed in Beijing

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Further development of Russian-Chinese relations discussed in Beijing


On April 17 invited by the management of the Russian Center and the Russian language Institute of Beijing Foreign languages University an honored professor of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences professor Lu Nan-Young delivered a presentation on the topic of perspectives of further development of Russian-Chinese relations after re-election of President Vladimir Putin in Russia in the library conference hall. More than a hundred listeners attended the lecture including teachers and students from different faculties of the Institute of the Russian language of Beijing Foreign Languages University and from other universities of the Chinese capital city.

Having received his doctor’s degree in Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation in 1960, Professor Lu worked as a scientific worker in the Scientific Research Institute of East European, Russian and Central Asian Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The lecturer analyzed main reasons of Putin’s victory at the Russia’s presidential elections calling his victory quite convincing and reasoned. Then the lecturer concentrated on Russian-Chinese relations during the next presidential term of Vladimir Putin. He has emphasized that strengthening of versatile strategic interaction between Russia and China is extremely important for sustaining stability, flourishing and peace at the international arena under circumstances of complicated relations between Russia and US, China and US.

After the presentation, students asked many questions about specific issues of Russia’s studies, such as strategy of demographic development of Russia, cooperation in the migration sphere between our countries, bilateral coordination of anti-corruption efforts, etc.

Van Tsya, Beijing

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