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Easter joined Orthodox Christians of different nationalities across the world

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Easter joined Orthodox Christians of different nationalities across the world


Yedinenie (Union) newspaper 

Orthodox Easter was celebrated yesterday, on April 8, all across the world, TASS reports. This holiday turned into the day of joining all nationalities and communities. Representatives of numerous congregations inhabiting the country come to Orthodox cathedrals to the Easter sermons together with Russian compatriots and Russian-speaking Americans. According to the representative of the Synodal Cathedral of the Sign of the Holy Virgin in New York, the Ester is celebrated together with the Serbians here. Two years ago, the local Serbian Orthodox Church was burnt and now the joint Easter sermons are delivered as a symbol of tight connections existing between the two churches for many years.

International status of Ester goes far beyond the Russian-Serbian brotherhood. All foreign parishes of the Orthodox Church in New York join Orthodox believers regardless of their nationalities. Russian Orthodox temples welcome many people who do not speak Russian at holidays. Among such people are Georgians, Arabs, Bulgarians and many other nationalities. There are Americans, who consciously chose Orthodox Christianity as their religion.

The Easter night ended with the Cross Procession in Washington. More than a thousand of people gathered at the church service in the John the Baptist’s Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad. The procession marched along the neighboring streets. The police stopped the traffic on the four roads for more than an hour to let the believers march on.

The Cross Procession was organized by one more church in Washington – St. Nicholas Cathedral, belonging to the Orthodox Church in the US. Traditionally, the Orthodox believers of different nationalities – Americans, Russians, Georgians and others gather here.

Hundreds of compatriots came to the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Paris at the Easter night. The Cross Procession marched along the Siene River’s embankment. Prominent church leaders of Moscow Patriarchate, diplomats, leaders of the Russian communities, journalists were present at the church service in France.

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