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Film Arrhythmia wins Nika Film Awards

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Film Arrhythmia wins Nika Film Awards


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Arrhythmia directed by Boris Khlebnikov won in five nominations of Nika Awards, TASS reports. Nika is the major annual national film award presented by the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Science.

Best Actor awards went to Alexander Yatsenko and Irina Gorbacheva. Yatsenko plays paramedic working with an ambulance crew who goes through a family crisis with his wife, young doctor, played by Irina Gorbacheva. Family confusion converts into social drama when the EMT character played by Yatsenko fights with obnoxious medical system to save his patients' lives.

Let us remember, the film has already received Audience Award at the Kinotavr festival in Sochi, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Grand Prix of Sputnik over Poland Russian Film Festival, etc.

Famous Russian actress Alisa Freindlich received the Best Supporting Role for her role in Bolshoi, while Sergey Garmash and Vladimir Ilyin were caleld the Best in the Supporting Male Role category.

People's Artist of USSR, 95 years old actor Vladimir Etush was awarded Nika Awards for Honour and Dignity.

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