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Together With Russia forum held in Moscow

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Together With Russia forum held in Moscow


WTC Moscow. Foto:

Russkiy Mir Foundation conducts international forum Together With Russia, which takes place in Moscow World Trade Center on March 4-5.

The main goal is to discuss the most important topics for Russian citizens living abroad and Russian diasporas' representatives, and generating proposals on their active engagement into social and political life of Russia, in particular, participation in coming Russian presidential election.

Russia has always supported its compatriots, took care of their strong connection with the motherland. It's a fundamental question of the government policy. But today is important to know what our compatriots can do to support Russia: to become ambassadors of the Russkiy Mir ideas, strive for preservation of historical memory, support the truthful information about Russia and role of our nation in fighting against Nazism in all its manifestations, counteract falsification of history, participate in Immortal Regiment activities, etc. These and other questions including cultural and linguistic identity of our compatriots, situation with Russian-language journalism abroad, necessity of public support are being discussed within the frames of the Forum.

Heads of federal legislative and executive organs, important politicians, representatives of Russian and foreign public organizations, journalists take part in Together With Russia forum.

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