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Vyacheslav Nikonov: Putin sets goal of intellectual leadership to Russia

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Vyacheslav Nikonov: Putin sets goal of intellectual leadership to Russia


Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Education and Science Vyacheslav Nikonov has commented on the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly on air of the First TV channel, the press-service of the committee informs.

Nikonov has mentioned that he was amazed at the atmosphere in the room, where Vladimir Putin was delivering his message. “My colleagues, deputies, governors, ministers including me were feeling the atmosphere of full admiration from what they heard. People were craving for real, huge and breakthrough goals,” Vyacheslav Nikonov said.

The Parliament member has reminded that for many years ministers kept talking only about targeting inflation rates or necessity to cut down the budget expenses.

“Putin said “Enough!” We start a new stage of the country’s development, connected to a large-scale modernization. We should grow per capita GDP by 1,5 times by the middle of the next ten years. We are heading for breakthrough technological growth as the central development line. This would help us make an advance in all the areas – social programmes, education, and health care. This all will be possible due to our intellectual leadership,” The deputy briefed the basic ideas of the Presidential Address.

In Nikonov’s opinion, President has never talked so much about intellectual leadership, which was demonstrated at sensational videos in the course of the meeting.

He has underlined that President is expecting lawmakers to create a regulatory framework enabling Russia to develop as intellectual, digital, technological superpower, which the State Duma is already implementing.

“President has delivered a very good message to the country, it made us all mobilize,” Vyacheslav Nikonov concluded.

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