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Vladivostok to arrange total dictation for foreign diplomats

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Vladivostok to arrange total dictation for foreign diplomats


Vladivostok was chosen a capital city for the Total Dictation campaign at the elections held in 2018. Together with the title of capital, the city have undertaken many obligations including opening new grounds at the neighbors’ territory – in the Asia - Pacific region. TruD test is a project for non-speakers existing for already three years called for giving an opportunity to those who love and study Russian as a foreign language to become a part of the world educational campaign. Starting 2016, Vladivostok has remained an unchangeable leader for the number of foreign participants of the campaign and is ready to spread its enthusiasm over the whole Asia-Pacific Region.

Far Eastern branch of the Russkiy Mir Foundation has started preparation for Total Dictation attracting foreign participants to the campaign. By now, the following organizations have firmly agreed to take part in the campaign: Tottori Prefecture administration, Russian Center of Soka University, Kansai University (Japan), and many others.

Besides, a consulate ground for writing TruD test was organized for the first time over 15 years of the Total Dictation’s existence. 7 general consulates and almost 20 honored consuls secure the status of the second consulate capital of Russia and the appropriate place for this initiative. Organizers predict high interest to this ground among foreign diplomats, as assignments of the test here will have diversified forms of a game and results will stay fully anonymous.

"Russkiy Mir Foundation is the largest partner of Total Dictation campaign. The aim of the campaign fully corresponds to the mission of the foundation itself, which is to join everybody who speaks Russian. Moreover, Total Dictation is a good and correct campaign for everybody, which we support. At Far East, the Russian language is the main ally for all nations and nationalities, due to the Russian language people learnt to love and respect other cultures, which is the most important thing in our world. Vladivostok today is a cultural capital of Far East and center of “soft power”. Our main goal is to raise respect to our country and our people by means of the Russian language," Director of the Far Eastern branch of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Aleksandr Zubritskiy advised.

Note that this year Total Dictation campaign will take place on April 14 at 3 pm in more than 900 cities of 80 countries of the world. More than 250 thousand people will take part in the campaign.

Elizaveta Lutsenko 

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