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Grand traditions of Russian theatre and cinema

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Grand traditions of Russian theatre and cinema


The Russian Center in Thessaloniki in tandem with The Musical Union of Northern Greece organized The Grand Traditions of Russian Theater and Cinema festival for students studying the Russian language and culture from the 15th until 20th of February. The Director of the Russian Center N. Suponitskaya addressed the audience before the beginning with a speech about the UNESCO - compiled ranking of the most frequently translated Russian writers such as F. Dostoyevsky, A. Chekhov, L. Tolstoi. The Director of Center mentioned that many other Russian writers such as I. Turgenev, M. Bulgakov, A. Pushkin, V. Nabokov, A. Solzhenitsyn, I. Bunin, N. Gogol influenced the development of the world’s literature, theatre and cinema immensely.

The Head of the Greek Center for Communications and the Advertisers’ Alliance of Northern Greece, a member of Council of Greek-Russian Cooperation in the Trade and Business Federation of Thessaloniki, journalist C. Costopulos took part in the festival on February 15. In particular, he presented a retrospective of the bills of the theatre plays by Russian writers staged in Thessaloniki over the last 25 years and proposed to have a fresh look at images of Russian classical authors, he shared some international advertising experience and quoted proverbs of A. Chekhov, A. Griboyedov and K. Prutkov.

The Head of the National Theatre of Northern Greece Afineon A. Gizgakies and organizer of the city theatre bill M. Sissieu made presentations for the friends of The Musical Union of Northern Greece. They made presentations about works of one of the most prominent Russian writers – L. N. Tolstoy whose books are read by people from many countries and of various nationalities. In conclusion, the guests were invited at the theatre performance The Host and The Worker staged after the similarly-named novel by the great Russian writer.

N. Suponitskaya, Thessaloniki

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According to a recent study by the Oxford Internet Institute of Oxford University, 750,000 Russian companies sold software to the UK alone in 2018. According to a recent report by the Center for Economic and Business Research, one of the UK's leading economics consultancies, Russia's economic performance has been evaluated as better than the Western one by many indicators. Having reviewed the report, a Japanese expert wrote that the “IT Kingdom" had been formed in Russia.
The second centenary of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s birth will be widely celebrated not only in Russia but also in Germany. The German-Russian Institute of Culture in Dresden has launched the Year of Dostoevsky in Germany project. Dr. Wolfgang Schälike, chairman of the board of the institute, spoke about the events planned and how interest in the writer facilitated bridge-building between our countries.