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Radicals attack Rossotrudnichestvo office and desecrate Russian flag in Kiev

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Radicals attack Rossotrudnichestvo office and desecrate Russian flag in Kiev


Official website of Rossotrudnichestvo at Ukraine

The building of Rossotrudnichestvo in Ukraine’s capital was attacked by members of C14 nationalist organization, TASS reports. At that time women and children invited at the event in Rossotrudnichestvo were inside the office.

According to Press Secretary of Center Svetlana Bulanenko, there were around 30 criminals. Despite the closed doors, radicals managed to get inside the building.

This time, C14 activists did nothing but left insulting inscriptions on the walls. Besides, they tore off the Russian flag and desecrated it. They did not injure the visitors of the center.

Witnesses told mass media that they called the police and reported about the attack. As previously, the police did not arrest anybody.

As the Russkiy Mir advised earlier, C14 nationalist organization revived its activities starting January. They carried out several attacks against the believers for just a month and a half.

Note that, Rossotrudnichestvo was twice attacked by the Ukrainian radicals in January. Members of the organization calling itself The Black Committee wrapped the gates of the organization by the chain and put a lock on them. The office of Rossotrudnichestvo in the capital of Ukraine was damaged by the radicals at Christmas night too. Unknown criminals spilt the paint over it. Besides, they glued Anti-Russian leaflets up the walls.

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