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Russian math school to be launched in Houston

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Russian math school to be launched in Houston


pixabay.comMechanic-engineer from Minsk Inessa Rifkin is opening another Russian math school in Houston, according to the website of Coordinating Council of Organizations of Russian Compatriots living abroad.

There are more than 40 similar schools in USA. Around 25 thousand pupils study at these schools.

The story has started inside the family of Inessa Rifkin, when she spotted that her child endured some difficulties studying at the American school and organized process of studying at home. Later other compatriots started to bring their children to her for studying. Soon a number of her trainees was sufficient to open her own math school in tandem with Irina Havison in Newton.

Inessa Rifkin took classical Soviet school curriculum as a basis. She holds on to the principle that a child should understand the subject and not just learn it by heart thoughtlessly.

School pupils demonstrate very high results. Among former pupils are students of the most prestigious universities of the world.

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