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Ex-British General meets requests of Russian schools defenders in Latvia

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Ex-British General meets requests of Russian schools defenders in Latvia

Janis Kazhotsinsh has responded to defenders of Russian language education in Latvia who addressed a request the President of Latvia. Now he occupies the post of Presidential Advisor on National Security. Earlier he served in UK army as Brigadier General, BaltNews informs.

In his request the head of the Russian-speaking community of Latvia Vladimir Sokolov has assessed the reorganization of Russian language educational system asking to leave schoolchildren of other nationalities a chance to study languages of the national minorities, literature and subjects on culture and history.

Besides, he proposed to expertise changes in the Latvian legislation on education in Venice Commission.

Kazhotsinsh has mentioned that the Constitution calls the Latvian language the only state language of the country. In his words, national minorities hold the widest opportunities for preserving the language apart from the educational system.
In his response Janis Kazhotsinsh has stated that Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis believes it is necessary to reinforce usage of the Latvian language in society.

He has also advises to address Ministry of Education for any further explanations and apply to the Constitutional Court if the Russian-Speaking community of Latvia believes that the reorganization does not correspond to the Constitution of the country.

Note that starting 2020/21 academic year Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia is going to shift all schools in Latvia to the state language. The initiative issued by the Latvian parliament members and supported by the head of the republic was criticized by Russian-speaking social organizations and parents of children studying in Russian schools who rationalize that the law change will split the society and diminish the education level in the country.

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