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Russian Orthodox Church: Jerusalem should be preserved as key center of three religions

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Russian Orthodox Church: Jerusalem should be preserved as key center of three religions


pixabay.comThe claim of Washington to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israeli capital jeopardizes fragile peace in this city which was established after all problems of postwar period, according to Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokalamsk. This would lead to conflicts and deaths of people, RIA Novosti reports. The representative of Russian Orthodox Church has mentioned that Jerusalem plays a critical role.

King David chose Jerusalem as capital of his Kingdom, the Bible says. Thus, the Jews treat Jerusalem as a part of the Bible. Jerusalem was handed from one owner to another for centuries. Currently different forces claim their rights for this territory.

Metropolitan expressed assuredness that Jerusalem stays a religious center and it is incorrect to turn the city into the center of political confrontation.

Jerusalem is a sacred place for three world religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Peaceful co-existence of all thee confessions is possible under present circumstances. Metropolitan has remarked that this is crucial to keep the situation under control in future.
Israel sees Jerusalem as its unique and undividable capital including its Eastern regions and historical center taken fifty years ago from Jordan and annexed later.

International community does not acknowledge the annexation and sees the city status as one of the key problems of the Middle Eastern conflict to be resolved on the basis of agreements with Palestinians claiming rights for the eastern part of Jerusalem. This is why all foreign embassies including American Embassy are situated in Tel Aviv.

Note that Russian Foreign Ministry is concerned about Trump’s claims. The Kremlin firmly believes that it would threat fragile peace in the region.

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