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Patriarch Kirill congratulates Catholics and Protestants with Christmas

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Patriarch Kirill congratulates Catholics and Protestants with Christmas


Patriarch Kirill has congratulated the Pope of Rome Francis and other heads of Christian churches with one of the main Christian holidays – Christmas, which is celebrated in accordance with Gregorian calendar, TASS reports.
The message of the Head of Russian Orthodox Church states that hope for salvation reinforces Christians fulfilling Ten Commandments, inspires them for doing good and helps to overcome hardships and trials. Patriarch Kirill has emphasized that we are spiritually thrilled at the gospel announced by Angel to Shepherds of Bethlehem about birth of Baby Jesus.

The Patriarch Kirill congratulated the head of Syro-Yakovite Church Patriarch Mar Ignaty Ephem II, Patriarch of Assyrian church of the east Mar Gewargis the Third, Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Cardinal al-Rahi, Catholicos of East Metropolitan of Malakara Vasiliy Mar Thoma Pavel II and others.

It is worth reminding that Gregorian calendar outstrips the Julian calendar for two weeks. In accordance with this calendar, Christmas is celebrated by catholic and some Protestant communities in our country. Last Sunday millions of Christians in Russia and in the world met Christmas Eve in catholic churches.

Catholics have a custom to sit at one table together and eat fasting dishes on Christmas Eve. In some countries twelve dishes are served repeating the number of Apostles. All Christians forgive each other and wish all the best awaiting Christmas

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