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Russkiy Mir in Thailand

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Russkiy Mir in Thailand


Exchange programs and sales turnover between Russia and Thailand have grown lately. More than a million people visited Thailand this year. The tourist flow from Thailand to Russia has also increased. Demand to study and teach Russian language is also growing, which explains the increasing interest of higher educational institutions in Thailand towards Russian language.

Russian Center was opened in Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, few years ago. Director of Regional Programs of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Georgy Toloraya visited Russian Center and conducted talks with deputy principal for International Affairs in Thammasat University.

More than 400 students are passing bachelor’s degree in Russian Language at Thammasat University where ten teachers work full-time and several teachers are employed part-time. University is actively collaborating with leading Russian Universities, such as Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Saint Petersburg State University and Nizhny Novgorod State University. The above-mentioned facts provide favorable conditions for cooperation with the Russkiy Mir Foundation.

Implementation of mutual projects including foundation of Russkiy Mir office at Thammasat University was discussed during the meeting.

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Nearly one hundred and fifty African students and teachers from Tanzania, Ruanda, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Madagascar and Mauritius participated in a 12-day intensive Russian language course in July. It marked the first stage of the Distant Russian in Africa online project aimed to strengthen humanitarian ties with Africa, which had been discussed at the 2019 Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi.