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Bishop Council of Russias Orthodox Church starts in Moscow

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Bishop Council of Russias Orthodox Church starts in Moscow


Alvesgaspar/wikimedia.orgBishop’s Council of Russias Orthodox Church has started today, November 29, in Moscow, TASS reports. This is headed by Patriarch Kirill. The Council is a senior management body of Russias Orthodox Church. About four hundred bishops from more than twenty different countries are taking part at the Council.

The Council is dedicated to hundreds anniversary of restoration of the Institute of Patriarchy and to 100th anniversary of enthronement of Saint Bishop Tikhon. He headed Russias Orthodox Church in the hardest period characterized by mass persecutions of Christians.

Councils participants will discuss problems of monastic life, school education, church weddings and other questions.

One of the main issues for discussion is situation of canonical church at Ukraine. The situation with Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchy became a matter of concern much time ago. The takeover of cathedrals and discrimination of Christians are usual practices there. The participants of Council will discuss the situation of Christians in the Middle East, where believers are experiencing hardships.

The Council members will touch upon the problem of inspection of the remains found near Ekaterinburg.

As the Russkiy Mir Foundation reported earlier, last September the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation reopened the case of the Tsar Family execution. At present, the experts are studying materials on this case gathered before. Exhumation of the last Russian Emperors remains with participation of the Russias Orthodox Church and Investigation Committee representatives was conducted as well. The Romanovs Family members supported this initiative. The DNA analysis of the remains conducted earlier proved that they belonged to Emperor Nicholas II and His wife.

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