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Russian writers’ participation in book fair discussed in Paris

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Russian writers’ participation in book fair discussed in Paris


Lada Vesna//Russian Witness newspaperRussia has become an honored guest of thirty-seventh Salon du livre de Paris (Book Fair in Paris), Russian Witness newspaper reports. Expecting Russian book exhibition in Paris, its organizers arranged a press conference for Russian and French literary figures with the programme titled Russia is an honored guest of Paris Book Fair.

Evgeny Vodolazkin and executive director of Institute of Translation Evgeny Reznichenko represent our country at the conference.

Chairman of the National Commission of Book Publishers, translator Ann-Koldefi Fokar has noted that selection of thirty best literary figures for the forthcoming book fair was quite a delicate and complicated issue as the organizers undertook a task of presenting modern tendencies in Russian literature as wide as possible. Nineteen Russian writers are invited to the book fair already, such as Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Victor Pelevin, Dmitry Bykov and some other authors popular in France.

Representatives of younger generation of writers are going to arrive in Paris as well, among them are Narine Abgaryan, Guzel Jachina and Segei Shargunov. Yuri Byida whose books are translated into French by publishing group Gallimard is also among the invited writers.

Writer Evgeny Vodolazkin in his presentation has noted that Russian literature of the latest period has become much more metaphysical. He has expressed hope that French audience will find books by modern Russian writers deserving interest.

Over the whole period of its existence, the book fair has turned into one of the most prominent cultural events in France which traditionally is scheduled in Porte de Versailles exhibition hall in March 2018.

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