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Russia marks Day of Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

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Russia marks Day of Dictionaries and Encyclopedias


Day of Dictionaries and Encyclopedias was initiated by Society of Russian Philologists in 2010 at birthday of the author of the Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language Vladimir Dahl.

Outstanding dictionary maker, ethnographer and collector of Russian folklore Vladimir Dahl spent more than fifty years to write his Dictionary. Thanks to his multi-volume edition, which remains unrivaled work, thousands of dialect word forms unused in contemporary Russian language were fixed and preserved. The Dictionary was re-edited several times and is still a favorite book of Russian philologists and Russian language natives.

Various events aimed at raising general level of culture of using dictionaries and other reference literature are held in educational institutions, museums and libraries of Russia. Besides, schools, universities, libraries and bookstores in Russia conduct dictionary lessons, contests and quizzes as well as meetings with dictionary authors and other activities connected to usage of dictionaries.

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As the Russkiy Mir reported, residents of Papua New Guinea addressed the head of the Russian Orthodox Church with a collective petition to establish an Orthodox mission in their country. This proposal was put forward after Kirill Shrakbul, a priest and head of the ROC mission in Taiwan, had visited Papua New Guinea.
On September 1, millions of children in Russia went to school. And millions of their peers in Ukraine also went to schools. Everything seems to be the same: flowers, bows, well-dressed children, excited parents... And yet there is a difference and a very significant one: children in Russia go to schools to study in their native language. However, starting with this academic year, hundreds of thousands of Russian-speaking children no longer have this opportunity in Ukraine.