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Patriarch Kirill: October Revolution turned a tragedy to Russia

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Patriarch Kirill: October Revolution turned a tragedy to Russia


Patriarchia.ruThe Great October Revolution and the Civil War, which followed afterwards, had catastrophic consequences for Russia, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia stated at the opening of 21st World Russian People’s Council, the official website of the Russian Orthodox Church advises. He has remarked that the war sowed seeds of evil and hatred in souls of people, which come up in different corners of the world today. At the same time, Patriarch has underlined that despite growing number of conflicts Russia keeps stability and follows its historical way.

Both tragedies, which happened in our country at the beginning and at the end of 20th century, were caused by inability of the national elite to give an adequate answer to the challenges of that time as well as by gap between the state and its people and devotion to ideas having no roots in Russian reality, Patriarch Kirill said.

Ha has stated that true wellbeing and development are impossible without morality and honest behavior. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church expressed assuredness that if we do not foster our own people, the people will be fostered by someone else. He called for restoring and developing our own pedagogical and scientific schools as well as promoting our own teaching methodology despite all protests by adherents of global educational standards.
Russian education may become a pattern for others the same as Russian science or Russian literature, Patriarch Kirill underlined.

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