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Days of Moscow introduce Russian culture to Beijing citizens

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Days of Moscow introduce Russian culture to Beijing citizens


pixabay.comDays of Moscow start today on October 31 in Beijing, TASS inform. According to organizers, their main task is to provide an opportunity for Chinese citizens to learn more about culture, traditions and customs of our country.

Besides, the festival contains an extensive business agenda. It is to broaden the collaboration between the two metropolitan cities in different directions. Moscow administration and business circles will present their projects. The governments of two capitals will sign cooperation programme until 2020. Moscow-Beijing business forum is to take place as well as several conferences where participants will discuss cooperation in different fields, such as tourism, environment protection and development of infrastructure for bicycles. Moscow and Beijing zoos will sign a memorandum. Beijing zoo will open a photo exhibition about inhabitants of Moscow zoo.

The sports’ agenda includes badminton and wushu competitions between children’s teams. Russian figure skaters and Turetsky Choir will perform for the guests.

Vanfutsin Pedestrian Street will host a festival of Moscow artistic troupes and musicians. A tasting session of Russian cuisine dishes and a photo exhibition will be opened there. Moscow corner will be opened in Chaoyang Park.

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