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Ukraine bans Anna Karenina staging in Russian language

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Ukraine bans Anna Karenina staging in Russian language


Administration of Starytsky Theatre in Khmelnytsky, Ukraine, banned the theatre performance after Leo Tolstoy’s novel Anna Karenina. The reason for this prohibition is that the performance is in Russian language, TASS reports. The theatre director refused to provide premises for the theatre troupe.

According to one of the actors VItay Borisyuk, this decision was taken under pressure of the local activists. He has underlined that there are no Ukrainian laws banning theatre stagings in Russian and there are no references that actors should speak Ukrainian only. The actor has explained that Anna Karenina was played in Khmelnytsky earlier.

Actress Olga Sumskaya has reminded that the novel by Tolstoy is included into the school curriculum as foreign literature. This is not the first case of banning theatre stagings in Russian. Earlier radicals demanded to cancel a staging by Lesya Ukrainka The Forest Song in Dnepropetrovsk. It should be reminded that Khmelnytsky city authorities have banned studying Russian language at schools.

As per the Russkiy Mir Foundation, the law about quotes for the Russian language in mass media sources came into effect in Ukraine at the beginning of October. Three quarters of TV programmes and films should be broadcasted in the state language. The law according to which thirty-five percent of songs on air should be preformed in the state language entered into effect a year ago in Ukraine.

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