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Russia and US collaborate on perpetuating the memory of WWII soldiers

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Russia and US collaborate on perpetuating the memory of WWII soldiers


wikimedia.orgInteraction between Russian and American organizations over eternalizing the memory of soldiers perished during the II World War is going on, TASS informs. According to the director of the defense department for eternalizing the memory of the perished soldiers defending homeland Vladimir Popov, even political disagreements do not impede this work. He has noted that the countries also deal with searching data about captive prisoners and missing officers.

Vladimir Popov has explained that currently monument to Soviet pilots crashed in Elizabeth City, US is being erected.

The city authorities have already approved of the monument project, and the park is being built for the monument. This place is near the military base over which planes were taking off.

Russian painters and sculptors working over this monument will soon come to Elizabeth City to do some preparation works.

USA delivered to Soviet Union Kathalines, so-called flying boats on lend lease terms. According to the archived documents, the first supplies of hydroplanes date back the summer of 1944. One of the flying boats which our pilots had to deliver to the Soviet Union crashed in January of 1945 while taking off. The plane crew consisting of Soviet pilots died. Overall, 11 pilots died over the time of such deliveries.

Russia in its turn offered to open monuments in places where Kathalines were based in USSR, which is Murmansk and Vladivostok as well as in Norway where another such plane with international crew crashed.

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