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Putin: US sanctions are aimed at Russia’s displacement from European energy markets

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Putin: US sanctions are aimed at Russia’s displacement from European energy markets


Russian President Administration New US sanctions are imposed with purpose to displace Russia from the European energy markets, Russian President Vladimir Putin believes. He has made this statement at Valdai Forum in Sochi, IA Interfax informs.

Recent sanctions approved by US Congress is explicitly aimed at displacing Russia from the European energy markets, Putin has claimed.

According to the head of state, sanctions supported by US Congress are directed at making Europe purchase liquefied gas, which is much more expensive and not enough for Europe at present.

Russian leader has noticed that some politicians do not conceal that politics is just a pretext to implement their personal commercial interests.
Vladimir Putin has added that there are more and more examples of politics turning into a way to manage economic relations at the markets. He has reminded that just recently it was said that this was impossible and counterproductive.

It is worth reminding that at the beginning of August Donald Trump has signed a law about a new package of anti-Russian sanctions earlier approved by US Congress. This law implies personal and sectoral sanctions relating to Russian citizens and companies as well as citizens and companies of Iran and North Korea.

The law, basically, prohibits crediting Russian banks by US financial structures as well as collaboration of American companies with Russia on Northern Flow-2 project. The heads of some European countries, in particular, Germany and Austria criticized the new sanctions; however, US authorities disregarded their opinion.

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