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Thousands of people to take part in Stalingrad battle quest

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Thousands of people to take part in Stalingrad battle quest


© Georgy Zelma//wikimedia.orgAnniversary of Stalingrad Battle’s Victory will be celebrated all around the country, TASS informs. Next year is 75th anniversary since the day when fascist army of many thousands was defeated on the Volga River; it is considered a turning point of WWII.

According to the leader of Victory Volunteers national movement Olga Amelchenkova, the contest Victory Ambassadors. Stalingrad starts already now. Two hundred volunteers from our country and abroad will take part in preparation and conduction of festive activities and finally win the contest.

24 Victory Shots campaign is planned for the anniversary. This is an All-Russia’s Show of Movies on the topic of Stalingrad battle with discussions to follow.

Besides, All-Russia’s historical quest Stalingrad battle is also scheduled. Around forty thousand people from all over Russia are expected to participate in the quest. Its scenario is based on reminiscences of the war veterans. Its authors considered the opinion of historians as well.

As per Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Pavel Zenkovich, Word War II is not only a name for today’s school children and students. It is evident judging by such projects as the Immortal Regiment and Victory Volunteers.

It is worth reminding that the anniversary of Stalingrad Battle will be celebrated on a state level.

Stalingrad offensive operation of the Soviet troops (under the code title Uranium) began 19th of November 1942. It was conducted by three front forces of the Soviet Union. Four enemy armies were surrounded and defeated as a result of counterattack of our troops.

Ultimatum of capitulation offered by the Soviet Union was declined by Hitler at the beginning of January 1943. However, the German fascist troops concentrated in Stalingrad and its surroundings were destroyed by the decisive operations of the Red Army on February 2, 1943. More than 90 000 Germans including commanding General of the 6th German army Field Marshal Paulus were taken prisoners.

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