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The Crimean war Defense of Sevastopol from 1853-56 to be reconstructed

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The Crimean war Defense of Sevastopol from 1853-56 to be reconstructed


VascoPlanet (tm) Crimea photos by Vyacheslav Argenberg//wikimedia.orgMilitary-historic festival Russian Troy to be held in Sevastopol city on the last weekend of October, IA Interfax reported. The festival is devoted to the legendary Defense of Sevastopol during the Crimean War of 1853-56.

As the city administration advised the event was named after famous French writer Victor Hugo. Museum of Defense and Liberation of Sevastopol with participation of Russian Military and Historical society have organized the event.

Reconstructors and members of military-historical clubs from Russia and CIS countries will recreate events from the far past on the same spots they took place long ago.

The camp will be constructed next to the battle showcase. Festival visitors will acknowledge historical military uniform and equipment, fortification objects, and military outwear of soldiers and officers of 19th century Russian Army. The replica of surgery room where famous Russian doctor Nikolay Pirogov has done many life-saving operations is also on view.

Artisan fair and free master classes will be suited for all ages. The youth is invited for the Living History lessons. First Russian historical documentary from 1911 called The Siege of Sevastopol on Crimean war to be shown for them.

It is worth mentioning that the 1854-1855 Defense of Sevastopol is one of the largest panoramas in the world and belongs to the list of the most attended museums of Crimea.

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