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Nicaragua screens President movie for Vladimir Putin’s jubilee

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Nicaragua screens President movie for Vladimir Putin’s jubilee


A snapshot of President movie (author V. Solovyev) Russkiy Mir Foundation delegation paying an official visit to the Central America arrived in Nicaragua. Non-commercial screening of movie titled President took place in the state film collection of Nicaragua. It was timed with 65th anniversary of Vladimir Putin.

Demonstration of documentary by Vladimir Solovyev with Spanish subtitles took place during the visit of Russkiy Mir Foundation. Russian compatriots residing in Nicaragua, graduates of Soviet and Russian universities as well as Nicaraguan natives interested in Russia gathered for the meeting.At the movie presentation in State film collection of Nicaragua. Picture: Rossotrudnichestvo Apart from the film demonstration, guests could participate in a quiz conducted by American programmes’ coordinator of the Foundation Nikolay Mikhailov and receive memorable gifts.

It should be reminded that Nicaragua is the third country attended by Russkiy Mir delegation headed by the executive director Vladimir Kochin. Earlier the delegation visited Cuba and Costa Rica. The opening of the Russian Center will take place in the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua. Representatives of the foundation as well as Russian Ambassador to Nicaragua Andrey Budaev will take part in the ceremony.

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