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Vietnamese to know Russian culture better

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Vietnamese to know Russian culture better


Official page of choreographic ensemble Berezka named after Nadezhdina at the website Vkontakte Days of Russian Culture starts today in Vietnam, as per the website of the Russian Ministry of Culture. The festival will be held from 5th to 10th of October.

Performances by the State Academic N. S. Nadezhdina Choreographic Ensemble Berezka are also planned. Russian troupes will come out at the stage and give several master-classes.

Nature of the Russian North photo exhibition is also scheduled. Winners of the international photo competition titled Through Eyes of the Northern People will exhibit their works. Citizens of Laos, Cambodia and the Philippines have seen this exhibition before. Moreover, it was also demonstrated as a part of the Russian culture festival, which is taking place in Ashkhabad.

Russian Days of Culture in Vietnam are conducted at the exchange terms and called for reinforcing traditions of friendly relations between the two countries.

It is worth reminding that 2018 will be a cross-year of Russia in Vietnam and Vietnam in Russia. The cross-year will be timed with the twenty-fifth anniversary of signing the basic agreement about friendship.

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Italian entrepreneur Marco Maggi's book, "Russian to the Bone," is now accessible for purchase in Italy and is scheduled for release in Russia in the upcoming months. In the book, Marco recounts his personal odyssey, narrating each stage of his life as a foreigner in Russia—starting from the initial fascination to the process of cultural assimilation, venturing into business, fostering authentic friendships, and ultimately, reaching a deep sense of identifying as a Russian at his very core.