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Russia: Bundestag elections “shift to the alternative side”

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Russia: Bundestag elections “shift to the alternative side”


Russian Defense MinistryThe results of Bundestag elections held in Germany this weekend were drawn up, RIA Novosti informs. The forecasts of analysts were true and the party of Angela Merkel won getting the blocking third of all votes. Then goes social democratic party of Germany with a bit more than twenty-five percent of all votes. The Alternative for Germany takes the third place: it has gained more than twenty percent of votes.

Thus, the ruling party will have 246 places in the parliament, which is less compared to the last year. Social democrats will have only 153 places, their number has also decreased. The Alternative got 94 places this year. Last time they were not included at all.

According to the member of Federation Council Alexey Pushkov these results show advance towards the right parties, as the party of Merkel had worse results than it had been expected, whereas The Alternative is just the other way round. He has also cleared out that Germans did not declare the absolute victory of the current Chancellor and “clipped her wings”. That is the price for “open doors” policy, the senator wrote in his Twitter.

Another Russian senator, the head of the Russian upper house's international committee Konstantin Kosachev is sure that there was not any intrigue in these elections right from the beginning. It could all be predicted. Russian politician is also sure that the elections would not influence relations between Moscow and Berlin in any way.

In his turn, the chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky has explained that the outcome of the elections is relevant to the crises existing in all European countries. He associates it with hard social-economic situation and migration crisis as well.

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