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Battle of Kulikovo celebrated in Tula

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Battle of Kulikovo celebrated in Tula

21.09.2017 dedicated to the Russian Military Fame Day - The Battle of Kulikovo held in Tula region, Interfax reports. The battle took place 637 years ago.

Solemn masses in Kulikovo field churches in conjunction with this date were conducted, according to the Kulikovo museum-reserve. Prayers devoted to warriors who died more than 700 years ago on Kulikovo Field and other battlefields have taken place as well.
Military ceremonies with participation of 51st Guards Airborne Regiment named after Dmitry Donskoy are also planne.

Brotherly Bogatur Power celebration is going to be held by United Retinue of St. Russian Brotherhood from Tula and Orel.

The Battle of Kulikovo is very important event in the National history. It was fought between the armies of the Golden Horde under the command of Mamai, and various Russian principalities under the united command of Prince Dmitri of Moscow in the fall 1380. This battle marked the beginning of the separation of the North-West Russian states from the yoke of the Tatar "Golden Horde".

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