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International Olympic Committee has banned Russian athletes to use national symbols, RIA Novosti informs. The resolution sent by the International Olympic Committee to national sports federations prohibits using Russian symbols (coat of arms, flag) as well as logos of Winter Sports Federations at 2018 Olympic Games. ...

18.12.2017 Subject: Sports

Exchange programs and sales turnover between Russia and Thailand have grown lately. More than a million people visited Thailand this year. The tourist flow from Thailand to Russia has also increased. Demand to study and teach Russian language is also growing, which explains the increasing interest of higher educational institutions in Thailand towards Russian language. ...

Rubric: Foundation news
Subject: Education

Russkiy Mir Foundation delegation headed by Executive Director Vladimir Kochin visited Tokyo Soka University today, December 18. Russian Center has opened in this institution on June 2016. Vladimir Kochin has noted excellent cooperation results and growing popularity of the Russian Center during the meeting...

Rubric: Foundation news
Subject: Russian Language

Statement of Washington to acknowledge Jerusalem as capital of Israel threatens fragile peace set in this city after all hardships of postwar period, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokalamsk believes. This will result in conflicts and deaths of people, RIA Novosti informs. The representative of Russian Orthodox Church has reminded that Jerusalem plays a critical role. ...

18.12.2017 Subject: Religion

Russian cosmonauts on the orbit in March 2018 will be able to vote at Presidential elections too, TASS informs. According to Anton Shkaplerov who is to head the next crew of International Space Station, the voting will be arranged right in the space. He has reminded that it will be the...

18.12.2017 Subject: Politics

The gala ceremony of awarding the Kandinsky Prize took place the day before, TASS reports. It was held in Udarnik Moscow cinema. ZIP grouping took the main award in nomination Project of the Year for its work titled ZIP House of Culture Stop. The money prize amounted to thirty...

18.12.2017 Subject: Culture

Washington Capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin has entered the top-25 best players in National Hockey League's history, according to TSN Canadian TV-Channel, TASS reports. Thirty-two-year-old Russian player took 16th place. There are also two actual NHL players in this list: Sidney...

17.12.2017 Subject: Sports

Photography exhibition dedicated to USSR history opened in Rio de Janeiro, TASS informs. It comprises 200 works of 6 photographers – Vladimir Bogdanov, Leonid Lazarev, Vladimir Lagrange, Viktor Akhlomov, Yuri Krivonos and Antanas Sutkus. The exhibition is located in the halls of Imperial Palace, one of the oldest buildings in the city, ex-residence of the Brazilian Imperial family in...

17.12.2017 Subject: Culture

Russian director Andrey Zvyagintsev's film Loveless has entered the Oscars Foreign Language Film shortlist, TASS reports. Fantastic Woman by Sebastian Lelio (Chille), Foxtrot by Samuel Maoz (Israel), Insult by Franco-Lebanese Ziad Doueiri, The Square by Ruben Ostlund (Sweden) and others are among its competitors. ...

15.12.2017 Subject: Culture

Photography exhibitions of Russian artist and sculptor Mihail Chemiakin opened in Paris I-Gallery. Intelligence, informs L'Observateur Russe newspaper. For fifteen years the artist was making night pictures of Paris sidewalks “embellished” with pieces of paper, dirt, garbage, cigaret butts, asphalt cracks. There were 1200 images in all, some of them Chemiakin has altered creating...

15.12.2017 Subject: Culture

Students from Far Eastern Federal University showed excellent results at International Youth Forum for young leaders held on December 1 - 5 in Vladivostok. The forum repeated Far Eastern United Nations Model – 2017. It was supported by Russian Ministry of Education and Science and the Far Eastern branch of the Russkiy Mir Foundation. ...

Rubric: Foundation news
Subject: Education


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New Publications

Ten Russian regions, including five that will host the World Cup next year, are taking part in the “Gastronomical Map of Russia” federal project. This means that visitors to these regions will be able to enjoy not only their cultural and natural landmarks, but also culinary samplings made from local products.
Two years of work, 20 hours of interviews, four episodes of the documentary – and now yet the issue of The Putin Interviews that acclaimed director Oliver Stone presented at the International Book Fair Non/fiction№19. Filmmaker believes in the importance of conveying the Russian president's views to the Western society, where the situation on matters relating to the freedom of expression reminds him Soviet newspaper Pravda from Soviet times.
In September and October of 2017, a Russian expedition organized by the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation visited the Maclay Coast in Papua New Guinea, which was discovered by the famous explorer who gave the Foundation its name. To learn about this corner of the Earth (practically unknown to Russians) and his encounter with the descendants of the Papuans who received Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay 150 years ago, we spoke with the explorer’s descendant Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay, Jr.
On 22 November Russia’s greatest baritone passed away. He worshipped Enrico Caruso, Mario Lanza, and Feodor Chaliapin—names that are etched into the history of vocal artistry. And now one more joins their ranks—Dmitri Hvorostovsky.
The icebreaker, backpack parachute, tramcar, and foam fire extinguisher—all of these things have long belonged to the list of human achievements. Most people don’t know that they owe their existence to Russian inventors. At the turn of the twentieth century, Russia had one of the strongest schools of inventors in the world, although in many ways it developed in spite of circumstances. We discussed this topic with Tim Skorenko, the author of the book Invented in Russia and editor-in-chief of the Popular Mechanics website.