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News Kiev is openly meddling in the internal affairs of Russia, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry. This was an evaluation of the decision not to let Russians inside the polling stations in Ukraine, TASS reports. ...

19.03.2018 Subject: Politics German – Russian Forum anniversary was celebrated in the capital city of Germany the day before, TASS informs. This year is 25 years since its foundation. According to Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergei Nechaev, for all of these years, the forum has been a locomotive power for the bilateral...

16.03.2018 Subject: Community

Unsplash/Jacob Morrison Washington has expanded the list of anti-Russian sanctions, TASS informs. US authorities has applied the law On counteraction to opponents of the United States through sanctions for the first time in order to introduce new restrictions on Russian...

16.03.2018 Subject: Politics Russian authorities are going to deport British diplomats out of the country in response to the UK actions, Sergei Lavrov claimed. Russian Foreign Minister promised that this is going to happen in the nearest future, RIA Novosti informs. ...

15.03.2018 Subject: Politics


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Russian higher education becomes more and more popular abroad. The best confirmation is the growing number of foreign students in Russian universities. The guest of 11th Russian Mir Assembly, the President of Association of Foreign Students of Russia Adu Yao Nikez talks about life of foreign students in Russia.
Russian-speaking community is one of the largest communities in the world. Emigrants, bound by the church parishes and cultural centres used to live peacefully and stay away of the politics. However, after the sanctions were introduced in 2014, life of Russian communities changed a lot. Our ex-compatriots complain that the informational pressure of global mass media is growing. They acknowledge that despite this, the Russians still sympathize with the current Russian government.
Totma, the region between Vologda and Veliky Ustyug, during the last years rediscovers itself again. Dog sledding is offered in winter, while cloudberry meals festival at the summer time.  Every year the official local festive event the Day of Russian America is celebrated with ringing of the bells. The Church of the Holy Entrance into Jerusalem together with Californian Fort Ross rings bells.
This week, on February 15th, comes another anniversary of the Soviet troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan. It’s been 29 years now. Time goes by and a lot of water has passed under the bridge over the Amu Daria River, the one the commander of the 40th army, General Boris Gromov, led his troops over to the Soviet territory.