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Russian universities raised in Employment QS rating

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Russian universities raised in Employment QS rating


Flickr/peretzpEleven Russian high educational institutions were included in QS employment rating. Just a year ago only 7 Russian universities were included in the same rating, TASS reports.

The best position is occupied by Lomonosov MSU. It is included in 111 to 120 places in the field of the employment frequency rate. MSU is also on the 64 line of the employment reputation rating. According to the head of MSU Victor Sadovnichiy, our country can be proud about the high level of MSU graduates, and Moscow University can be considered to be a powerhouse of the most successful and professional people in the world.

St. Petersburg State University was included into 141-150 places, while MGIMO University in Moscow is located among 201-250 places, followed by Higher School of Economics (251-300 places). Five other Moscow universities and two higher education institutions from Novosibirsk and Tomsk are included into the next 200 places of this rating.

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