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Moscow celebrates the City Day

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Moscow celebrates the City Day


pixabay.comCity Day dedicated to 870th anniversary is celebrated in Moscow this weekend. Extensive entertainment program spreads all around the city.

Bright People festival in Gorky Park brings together all art disciplines. Opera singers, acrobats, aerial gymnasts, designers, fashion icons, and others amuse the public. Fifth festival Theater March has started in Hermitage Garden. Park Pobedy will host equestrian show on September, 10th. Park Kuzminki welcomes everybody with thematic performances and exhibitions clustered around cosmonautics and engineer sciences.

Photography exhibitions are open on Gogolevsky, Nikitsky, Chistoprudnui and other central Moscow boulevards. Vakhtangov Theater located on the Old Arbat street hosts Intermuseum festival dedicated to Arbat, the oldest district in Moscow.

80 museums, galleries and art spaces are available for a free visit this weekend. Museum of Moscow hosts another festival called “Museum and City.” Best theater plays staged by famous Taganka theater director Yury Liubimov retrospective is one of the highlights of the event.

Muscovites and city guests are invited to various tours around the city and in museums, bicycle and scooter tours. Those who dig sport can observe most interesting Moscow corners on the run.

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