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Joint Russian-Chinese University students start studies

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Joint Russian-Chinese University students start studies


msuinchina.orgRussian-Chinese University opens its doors for students, TASS reports. According to Lomonosov Moscow State University Rector Viktor Sadovnichy, the university is very proud that they managed to launch a joint project with China. He called this project unique.

Rector of the oldest Russian university has explained that the Russian-Chinese educational institution should be solemnly opened in September with participation of Russian governmental delegation.

A new educational institution is located in the China’s capital of innovational development Shenzhen and based on Lomonosov Moscow State University and Beijing University of Technology.

It is worth reminding that the construction of this university started last May. Students will graduate from it with diploma of the country’s leading university. Besides, they will have internships in the largest business companies. Graduates will speak three languages: Chinese, Russian and English. Lectures will be delivered in Russian, whereas master’s programmes will be conducted in English and the rest of lessons will be taught in Chinese. The term of studying in Russian – Chinese University is four years.

Earlier, Viktor Sadovnichy said that the competition for entering the university was very high. In particular, it was five people per place for bachelor’s degree where the following specializations are available: Russian language and Literature, Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Chemistry, Physics and Materials’ Mechanics, Economics.

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