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Varyag cruiser to become ambassador of Russkiy Mir

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Varyag cruiser to become ambassador of Russkiy Mir


Far Eastern branch of the Russkiy Mir Foundation is continuing systematic collaboration with Pacific Fleet. Missions of vessels leaving native Vladivostok are different, though they have one common goal, which is representation of Russia’s interests abroad, its culture on the whole and marine traditions in particular. Pacific fleet leading missile cruiser Varyag became a new “marine ambassador” of the Russkiy Mir.

The ship managed to visit seven Asian port cities this summer. Everywhere it welcomed Russian compatriots as well as locals with excursions on board.

Children of Russian schools from Indonesia and Korea attended Varyag. The kids were scrutinizing ship equipment with much interest and taking pictures. It was the first Russian war ship entering Hong Kong port, that explains a thrill around the missile cruiser at Doors Open Day, when the Pacific Fleet vessel was visited by more than two thousand local people.

A special event for the Voryag crew was a visit of the Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte. A memorable gift from the Russkiy Mir Foundation was handed over to the president at the end of the meeting.

The first concert of the Pacific Fleet ensemble and orchestra took place in Manila. It started with national anthem of the Republic and grew into an evening of Russian dances with participation of the Philippines’ soldiers. Thus, the missile cruiser Varyag became a successful marine ambassador of the Russkiy Mir together with large anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleyev and Admiral Vinogradov and large landing ship Peresvet.

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