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Soviet war monument desecrated in Berlin

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Soviet war monument desecrated in Berlin


Flickr/Tobias Wutzow
Monument in honor of Soviet soldiers who died while liberating Berlin from fascism was desecrated, TASS reports. The accident happened at daytime in Tiergarten park, where the monument was erected.

Police of German capital have reported that forty-year-old man relieved himself near the monument. The witnesses say he was shouting out national socialistic logos. Police officers managed to arrest him. The abuser “made several assaulting claims about Russia”. The abuser was identified. Now he is not allowed to come close to the monument.

He was set free, however the criminal case against him on the subject of “An insult of the memory of the dead” was opened. The vandal is fined and will be put to prison for the term of up to two years. The police do not reveal personality and motives of the abuser.

Tiergarten monument in is one of the first ones erected in Germany in honor of Soviet soldiers. The gala opening ceremony was held in autumn of 1945. The monument was installed at the mass grave according to the project of Lev Kerbel and Vladimir Tsigal. The architect was Nikolay Sergievskiy.

The memorial represents inverted colonnade. A figure of Soviet soldier made of bronze is right in the middle of the tallest column. Its height is eight meters. Two T-34 tanks and two cannons are on both sides of the colonnade.

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