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Baikonur tourists will have an access to Buran launch base

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Baikonur tourists will have an access to Buran launch base

From now on, tourists visiting Baikonur can also see the launch site of Soviet heavy-lift expendable launch system Energia. In particular, it was used as a booster for the Buran spacecraft, TASS reports.

Baikonur cosmodrome specialists have restored Energia's premises and equipment. When machinery was switched on it appeared to be in good working order. This object will give an excellent chance for tourists to see with their own eyes the Soviet rocket development and space exploration history.

Buran was the first spaceplane to be produced as part of the Soviet/Russian Buran program. Creating launch system Energia and spacecraft Buran has become the most ambitious and highly funded program in Soviet rocket construction history.

Energia has launched the first rocket in1987. It was the most powerful launch system, and the first one that used hydrogen. The following year, during the second launch Buran spacecraft was lifted into space.

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