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Vologda celebrates 110th anniversary of Varlam Shalamov

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Vologda celebrates 110th anniversary of Varlam Shalamov


cultinfo.ruJune 18, 2017 is 110th birth anniversary of Russian novelist and author of famous literary and publicist series about life of prisoners, as per the Culture in Vologda Region website.

A range of cultural events devoted to life and creative career of the writer in honor of his anniversary took place in Vologda, his native land.

A heart-piercing theatre performance under the title “On snow… Tales of Kolyma” was arranged by Sphere Moscow Drama Theatre at the opening day on the stage of Theatre for Children and Youth of Vologda. Actor Benjamin Smekhov will play a one-man staging of reading passages from works of Varlam Shalamov.

The Red Bridge Gallery will host an exhibition called Varlam Shalamov. To Live or To Write which was arranged in Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as in many European capitals before. Personal documents of Varlam Shalamov, his pictures, posters and newspaper articles are displayed at the exhibition.

Besides, an international scientific conference on Problems of Russian Consciousness through works of Varlam Shalamov will be held in Vologda with support of Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences and Vologda State University.

All the above mentioned projects are meant for preserving literary heritage and memory about Varlam Shalamov.

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